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Extrasensory Perceptions Definitions

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Spiritual Poem Collection by Lila*
Mystical Poems, Poems from the Heart by Lila*
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Crystal Gem Healing Stone Guide for
Angel Communications

Crystal properties and crystal guide for
facilitating connecting with angels

NEW: Autumn 2007

Angel Guide Healing Meditation

Original Visionary Angel Art by Lila Star ,
Breathing Angels into your heart -
through art

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

What is ESP?

What is Reiki?

Can one really perceive Angels?

What does a Psychic really do?

What are Clairvoyance and Clairaudience?

What are Dream Interpretations?

What are Mediumships?

What are Dream Interpretations?

What is Telepathy and how does it work?

Extrasensory Perceptions cover a wide spectrum of unexplained sensory phenomena.

Psychics and mediums are commonplace in all medias, but how does it all work?

Our Sixth Sense literally senses in a wide variety of methods from clairvoyance and telepathy to psychometry and clairaudience and simple knowing. We are sensing more and more even our young children are expressing amazing paranormal abilities.From the indigo child and chrystal children to the newcomers of the rainbow children.

Media is becoming more and more aware of the importance of positive, inspirational and spiritually uplifting movies ,art, poetry and artistic expression, With amazing works such as the field of dream movie , the artistically wonderful "What dreams may come" and the "Indigo Movie, it is high time to focus on positive spiritual awareness.

Welcome :

My name is Lila* and I am a woman on a spiritual path of self awareness.
I am encountering a wide spectrum of unexplained phenomena that tickle my curiousity. Often one is familiar with a lot of terms yet has no real understanding of all the differences between the various extrasensory pathways of discovery. What is Telepathy and does everybody have the ability to work it? Why do we dream and how can we identify dream interpretations? What is Reiki, Lightwork and Channeling? How do you contact a person that has crossed over? Is there an afterlife and can we sense it? Are Angels our Guides?

On this website I am hoping to take you along with me on my journey creating this extrasensory perceptions guide as I wander along. So if you are inspired by angels, seek guidance from psychic mediums but dont really know where to start or who to trust, have a keen sense for exploring the sixth sense that is unique to each human being then you are in the right place.

Life is a journey, life is learning, exploring and sensing .
Join me in the Exploration of the Forgotten Sense.

Here you can learn more about

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Psychic Sources, Psychic Informations,Explained Psychic Phenomena and Resources
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Psychic Channelings,What is Channelling, Mediumships and can everybody Channel
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Free Alison Day Tarot (sponsored by Michigan SEO Company) Reading and Free Learn Tarot Course & Card Interpretations
Opportunity for Free Alison Day Tarot Reading and Chance to book into Free Leearn Tarot Course at the famously Friendly Lotus Tarot Card Reading Site, Intuitive Tarot Card Reader Alison Day Tarot Web

Visionary Art Soul Portal Paintings by Lila Star, Unveiling Inner Doorways
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Dreams, What is a Dream,Exploration of Dream Mysteries, Dream Interpretations
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Free Dream Dictionaries,A-Z Dream Interpretations Dictionary,Interpret Dreams
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Child Indigo, Characteristics of Indigo Children,Crystal Children,Rainbow Child
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What is an Angel, Angels Definition Questions Answered and Illustrated
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Angel Guide Healing Meditation, Angel Healing Meditation Art for Transformation
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