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Angels Definition

Angels Definiton

Angel Definitons

There are lots of angel definitions that people have used to describe these celestial beings or even referring to earth angels
There are as many different angels definition opinions as to extrasensnory detection of these angelic beings. Some people see them, but in their inner eye, some with their naked ey, some smell- but are not sure whether it is a "true " smell, some touch, some feel, some hear.. and all with perceptions that are not truly explained
Lets have a look at a few Angel descriptions I have come across:

An Angel is :

a force of light, many different types, all working for a higher power
a celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth
a messenger of deities, which link God and man
a kind and lovable person; one who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness
a divine or semi-divine being who is able to work with humanity for a number of purposes

a personification of the concept of holiness
the light of truth, wisdom, guidance, a coming birth or death, literally or figuratively
an androgynous being of a light, fast vibration on a high spiritual hierarchy
a spiritual helper for humankind
winged messengers, luminous and closest to God, All that Is
a high spiritual being appointed by God, Ultimate Source, All that Is
to guide , protect and help us, Gods Creation

Angels in Religions:

Throughout history religions and spiritualities have embraced angelic beings amongst their midst. the genus "Angelus Occidentalis" is a general term used for a number of angelic species within Judaism,Christianity,Islam and Zoroastrianism.

It is believed that Gods word is communicated through these celestial messengers who serve his will


The Swedish Mystic Swedenburg once said:

"I am well aware that many will say that no-one can possibly speak with spirits and angels as so long as he is living in the body;
Many say it is all fancy, others that I recount such things to win credence,
while others will make other kinds of objections.
But I am deterred by noneof these:

for I have seen, I have heard, I have felt"

Angels Definition

My Angels Definition

Personally I feel angels are indeed messengers of a higher realm, spiritual beings that connect with humans on earth when the human is ready to connect

Angels can take forms that are easily recognised and identified by the one who is receiving an angelic vision, forms that are not frightening, forms that are unique for each individual

I see it like this, an angel is energy, of a fast vibration, that is essentially invisible to the human eye. Angels are however capable of slowing down this vibration to appear to either the naked human eye (rare) or the third "inner eye"

So imagine "seeing" an energy that clearly moves, is swishing to and fro, if we see this vision then our left brain immediately tries to analyse and categorise this "vision"

so it categorises : Movement = Flying = Wing

So imagine "seeing" brightness, light, luminescence, eternal glow

so it categorises: Light = Luminenscence around object/energy =Halo

so the human brain has a need to compartmentalize, especially the left side of it. So if we take Wings and a Halo around an energy body then that can easily be labelled : Angel, stored fior future references in the vast holdall of the brain. So when we come across a similar form , we can instantly recognise it, give it a label, give it a name - call it Angel.

To me angelic beings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, presenting themselves in the form that I need to see ,hear or feel at that particular moment in time.

I dont have all the answers, just an incessant curiosity to find out more about angelic beings, welcome the ones that come and visit me and share what I know which people who are equally curious. It would be great if this becomes a 2 way exchange, so I am inviting everybody to share their stories, their encounters, their vision of what an angel is on this site.

I am learning about all kinds of extrasensory perceptions and communications in the psychic and spiritual realms, Its a wonderous journey and I am enjoying every minute of it..

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Angel Therapies

Angel Therapies are a form of therapy that utilises extrasensory perceptions and sensory awareness to communicate with angels for self-help. Angel Therapy is proving more and more popular and is pioneered by Doreen Virtue.

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