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Free Dream Dictionaries are helping with identifying Dream Symbols and Dream Meanings.

The subconcious mind sends symbols and visual pictures to create a feeling of relation to the subject.

Dreams are like friendly messengers even though sometimes they bring initially unpleasant news. The Dream Messenger is not to blame for the dream it is up to us to interpret the dream and search for its higher meaning.

To learn to read the dream symbols signs can be an enjoyable experience. It is exiting to find meanings and identify what makes us tick. To discover how our unconscious can help us deal with problems and guide us along during our waking life time is exiting. The trick is to stay open-minded and feel deep inside yourself in which direction the dream symbols are taking you, dream interpretations are fun when approached with an open mind. Enjoy the free dream dictionary and have fun exploring your inner mind.

If you need help with identifying the meaning of your dreams, to make sense form a neutral perspective than often a Dream Interpretation Advice Reading can provide amazing insight. It offers and objective view of the given dream or even a nightmare that can be placed into its symbolic context. Messages are often given in symbolic form but it takes experience to correctly decipher the hidden meanings

Free Dream Dictionary

Free Dream Dictionaries
Dream Symbols for Dream Dictionary Letter " A "
Letter A Superiority,moving on to grander things, indication of an initial for name
Abbey signifies spirituality,freedom from anxiety
Abdomen repressed emotions,cannot stomach something, exposed abdomen signifies trust
Abandonment time to leave behind past feelings
Abduction overcoming opposition , and obstacles
Abortion warning of failure, hindering your own growth,warning to take care of health, real abortion - healing the trauma
Above set your goals higher
Abroad trip befriending a powerful person
Abroad being unbalance in current life situation,change needed
Abscess something, some feeling needs to be express
Abstinence warning of being over confident
Abundance of one thing warning to conserve energies
Abundance of variety of things future of happiness, success
Abuse you abusing you will suffer from repercussions
Abuse you being abused warning about enemy near
Abyss falling into depth of unconscious,represents primal fears
Abyss danger in business dealings, obstacles needs to be overcome
Acceptance issues with self -esteem.wanting to be part of something
Accident fear of being in one,nervous,heed warning
Accident close person dies need to let go of a relationship,something within you is no longer functioning
Accident dreaming of emotional anxieties and fears,slow down and reevaluate life path
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Accident you are in it pent up guilt,problems,danger
Accounts lawsuit,dangerous position, prudence in finance
Accountant you are one you are objectively looking at all facts,taking a step back
Accusation by female bad news, feelings of guilt
Accusation by male good news,
Accusing others arguments with people close to you
Ache warning of an important event, lose hesitation
Acid warning caution, feelings of hatred, revenge
Acid you drinking it need to express yourself more, emotions repressed
Acorn symbol for durability, strength, new small beginners have potential for big growth
Acorn picking one up success after a lot of hard work
Acorn eating one payoff for hard work will come in later life
Acorn shaking a tree you are influential on others
Acquaintance harmonious home life, contact from acquaintance shortly
Acquaintancequarrel with humiliation is going to happen
Acrobat seeing them lucky escape, caution, hindered to complete task by other peoples fears
Acrobatics you performing rivals are scheming against you, unbearable feelings
Actor/Actress of an pursuit of pleasure, desire to be like an admired actor,
Actor /Actress you are one desire to be recognized, acknowledged,falseness ,deceit,putting on a facade
Adder a deceitful person will cause trouble, warning
Adoption you are adopting a new challenge ahead, something missing in your life, go find it and get it
Adoption you are adopted longing for inner child
Adultery committed by you committed, watch out, sexual urges, self betrayal,illegal situation entanglement ahead
Adultery you committing with your partners friend
feeling neglected by partner
Adventure changes I going to happen, satisfying
Airplane Ambition,Success
Agony joyful phase ahead
Alarm excitement ahead
Alcohol excess alcohol embarrassment
Alien important meeting ahead
Allergy good things ahead
Altar joy , consolation
Ancestor unexpected humors
Angel happiness,protection
Anger gaining something , benefiting from something
Antenna recovering something that had been lost
Ants health and activity
Apology loose or gain a friend
Applause negative feelings
Army and important move or event ahead
Arrow trouble ahead
Artist self examination needed
Ashes annoyance
Asthma possible material loss
Axe symbol of strength of character
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