Dream Interpretations

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An Exploration of Dream Mysteries and Dream Interpretations

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Dream Interpretations

Dreams and the happenings hidden in our sleepful nights have long been an intriquing mystery.

What is a Dream?

According to Prospero's philosophy in "The Tempest", human life is a wakeful dreaming between two periods of endless sleep.

During our history dreams were thought to be of divine origin, messages from the gods and goddesses, deities of all religions were embraced.

Dream interpretations were perceived as warnings or prophecies sent for the dreamer's guidance.

When do we Dream?

Dreams can take place during any stage of sleep

when first falling asleep, or whilst dozing off in a car, on a train or during a powernap at work

Cognitive dreaming occurs when we fall into the state of sleep wherby our eyes move rapidly about.

How do Dreams present themselves?

Often take the form of visual images that reflect our last waking thoughts

It is rare that dreams are of an on-going nature, ie the story of the last dream continues

Different sensations have been suggested during dream interpretations, like the sensation of falling, also called muscular jerks, likened to the falling of a step.

Why do we dream?

To attain a sense of balance, to keep our mental as well as emotional equilibrium according to C.J Jung

How often do we dream?

We are thought to have little dreams and bog dreams at intervals in our lives

Great,big dreams occur only at important developmental stages of our lives

Little dreams use symbols from our everyday lives to guide everyday matters

Have you ever wondered whether you are really awake right now or whether that is all a dream too.

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