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Visionary Art Soul Portal Paintings

Visionary Art Soul Portal Paintings by Lila Star, Unveiling Doorways for Contemplation and Self Transformation

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Portal Paintings

Paintings by Lila* Star

What is a Soul Portal Painting?

~ My Soul Portal Paintings have evolved from people wanting
to have a glimpse into their own spirit field and the angels nudging me
towards offering an artful access for seekers willing to gaze deeply.

~ A Soul Portal painting will facilitate the unveiling of
your personal doorways into the realms of possibility

~ An opportunity to glimpse into the unseen world of one’s
own spiritual field of consciousness

~ A vibrational artwork that will do its “work”
on an subconscious level even if you never choose to “actively work”
with it but rather just enjoy looking and being in the presence of it

~ What is a Spirit Field ?

a spirit field is a term given to me by the angels, which essentially is
a vibrational energy field in which your guardian angels and spirit helpers
“reside” or are accessible for contact. It also contains your
own unique blueprint pattern with which you were born that “paints
a picture of “Who you are”.
It is also a field offering a gateway to accessing universal consciousness.

of Visionary Art Soul Portal Paintings

Visionary Art Soul Portal Paintings 1

Psychic Art reflections
Visionary Art by Lila Star

Psychic Art reflections
Soul Collage Portal Paintings
Soul Collage Portal Painting



Angel Portal Paintings
Angel Art Visionary Art by Lila Star

Psychic Art reflections

Dancing on the edge of the moon Psychic Art

Dancing on the edge of the moon
Angel Art
Asked Questions ~ FAQ

What can a Soul Portal Painting do for me ?
Soul Portal Paintings help you to bring the less tangible nature of soul
exploration into physical reality

~ A Soul Portal Painting unveils itself
to you and extends an invitation for deep exploration into the inner pathways
of your inherent nature

~ It can answer questions that arise from the depth of your being by guiding
you through personal symbology

~ It can help you surface subconscious fragments of your ancient memories
to help piece together the Puzzle called “Who Am I and Why am I here”

~ Soul Portals often act like a mirrors reflecting back at you that which
you are ready to see

How are your Soul Portal Paintings created and What do you need to establish
a personal connection and create a painting for me?

Take a peek at My Studio

Artist Art Studio Picture
My studio space
click to enlarge)

Artist at Work Art Studio
Working on a Soul
Portal painting
I begin :

~ Soul portals are vibrational paintings and find their way into my subconscious
to be released through a variety of art media.

~ Essentially I need a name ( the given birth name) of the person for whom
the Soul Portal Painting is for.

~ Then I encourage the recipient of the Soul Portal to send a thought out
into the universe, connecting from the heart and actively inviting the manifestation
of a Soul Portal Painting through Lila* Star
( this has
been suggested by the angels as it gives me permission by the seeker to
enter his spirit field more clearly, the act of ordering a Soul Portal Painting
does the same to a lesser degree ,but the active participation of
the seeker helps to establish an even deeper connection.)
Portal Paintings

~ I work with
a lot of transformational tools that help me capture the essence of a projection
from your spirit field

This is how I continue:

~ I will create a sacred space in which to open myself up for communication
, then be guided to choose appropriate crystals to enhance and harmonise
the vibration
. I
may also be guided to create a specific sound ( often with healing bowls,
drumming, tuning forks or playing a particular piece of vibrational music
to clear and prepare the space )

~ I will receive a clear impressions on how to proceed once I have actively
connected to the essence of your spirit field and will start painting in
the medium most appropriate to the images received ( pastel, watercolour,
mixed media, acrylic, oil pencils, mandalas with technical pens – anything
can happen really, I even had to stitch with particular threads before now
so I am open to whatever is needed to complete the process for the benefit
of the seeker.)

~ The length it takes to complete a project can vary
form person to person, often I stay in a state of passive connectedness
for several days adding sparks of insight to the artwork as they appear
in my field of awareness.

~ I will receive clear guidance as to when the piece is completed ( to the
point of my brush dropping repeatedly to the floor if my mind tries to interfere
with “ooh just one more brushstroke here” šŸ˜‰

~ Once the Artwork is completed I immerse myself deeper into the spirit
field of the seeker and ask for any connection words, blessings form the
angels or thoughts assisting deeper contemplation to emerge.

~ The Visionary ArtSoul Portal Painting is then ready to be prepared for
shipping to the recipient. The Package will include the artwork, the spirit
message and details of specific crystals and spirit tools which I was inspired
to use on your behalf.

What do I do once I received my Soul Portal Paintings?

with Visionary Art Soul Portal Paintings

~ essentially that is up to you,
whether you choose to just gaze at it with an open heart, hang it up where
you are in the presence of it or actively use it as a tool for personal
transformation .

~ Here are a few tips on how to “work” with your piece ..

~ Create
a sacred space where you will be undisturbed for a while.

~ Enter your heart with the intention to unveil the doorway which will
lead you into the inner realms of your subconscious awareness and bring
to light that which you are ready to see.

~ Take note of any impression you may receive, images, senses, recognising
a pattern, seeing yourself, extrasensory perceptions etc

~ It often helps to keep a Journal of Inner Discovery to keep notes of
your progress

~ most importantly enjoy the connection, enjoy sinking into the artwork
and simply being with it – leading you wherever you may want to go….

With brightest Blessings for the journey


Visionary Artist, Energy Mediator and Fellow
Explorer of Consciousness

Creator of
Art Soul Portal Paintings

Energy Exchange
for your personal Visionary Art Soul Portal Paintings

~ The angels have helped me define a “fair energy exchange system
” for the
Art Soul Portal Paintings
that seems
appropriate for the service provided yet stays in touch with the goal
of the project – which is to get people from all walks of live connected
if they so wish.

~ therefore I am offering an “Energy Donation” system which
I invite you to consider according to your means.

~ Once
I have received your Energy Exchange Donation your requests for a personalized
Soul Portal Painting will be added to my list in the order in which they
are received and will be sent as soon as they are completed.

non-UK donations will autmatically be converted into the currency of your
choice at the paypal end šŸ™‚

Yes I would like to
invite Lila* Star to create a
Visionary Art Soul Portal Paintings for me or a friend…..
I am able to donate

Ā£ 33



Ā£ 66

Energy Exchange

Ā£ 99

Energy Exchange

There will be an option
to enter the name of the recipient of the painting.

With brightest blessings for your journey

I hope you enjoyed the visionary Art
Portal Paintings Gallery