SoulCollage Card Deck

Selfdiscovery with SoulCollage Card Deck, How to make your own Tarot Deck Cards in SoulCollage ® Style

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SoulCollage ®

SoulCollage is a trademarked process originated by Seena Frost

Soul Collage is a Collage Discovery Workshop by itself for new as well as established artists

It has a distinct focus on the discovery of one's Inner Self , a Self-Help and Self Discovery Collaging Journey
What is SoulCollage ®

Intuition ~ Art Therapy ~ Self Discovery ~ Self Help ~ Shamanic Journeying ~ Playing with Pictures ~ Archetypal Exploration ~ Oracle ~ Divination ~ Chakra Balancing ~ Healing at Soul Level

SoulCollage is all these and more

Essentially working with already present pieces of art in the form of magazine pictures

SoulCollage ® takes a cue from Altered Art and Guided Imagery Journaling but moves into a definite realm of Self-Discovery exploring the inner depth of ones soul.

Art Collage has often had its focus on creating attractive pieces of artwork for the admiration or at least viewing by others .

SoulCollage® is primarily an individuals progress through various stages of self discovery with a focus of Self help exercises . From meditation and shamanic journeying to tarot like card readings Soul Collage manages to incorporate a multitude of approaches taking into account an individuals preferences.

But it is by no means a solitary process, on the contrary active participation within a spiritual supportive group can be very beneficial to the individuals journey.

The Suits in this Deck of Cards

The Community Suit
The Council Suit
The Companion Suit
The Committee Suit

SoulCollage® is a trademarked process
created by Seena Frosttake a peek at her website