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Meeting Spirit Guide, Info on How to Contact your Spirit Guide Meditation

Meeting Spirit Guide
ESP and Spirit Guides
WHAT ARE SPIRIT GUIDES?finding your spirit guide

They are souls who who have chosen after a number of incarnations to remain in spirit in order to assist a person in the physical realm
This may be someone who they were devoted to in a previous life
They may stay with you through you entire life time or for a short period
Each guide enters your life for a specific purpose
We usually enter an agreement with at least one main guide before we enter our physical bodies
You may have previously been the guide for you spirit guide when they were in the physical realm
You may have also shared a love link i.e., brother, sister, mother
Spirit guides have not always had incarnations on earth they may come from other dimensions or planets
They are souls who are at a similar stage in their spiritual evolution

DOES EVERYONE HAVE A SPIRIT GUIDE?how to contact your spirit

Yes and we all have the ability to communicate with them
Everyone will have at least one primary one who may stay for an entire life time
Others may come and go when their specific purpose is complete
You can call on others as you feel you need them
You may have a deseased loved one acting as a guide
may have their own learning to complete in spirit and therefore may feel removed from you at times. This is just a time when they are out exploring other dimension. They will still hear you if you call them.

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF A SPIRIT GUIDE?who is my spirit guide
Finding your spirit guide can have many benefits as they are here for you and your development. Their purposes include:
Their primary purpose is one of guiding and teaching
A spirit guide can often see a picture bigger than ourselves therefore their guidance is extremley valuable
They are here to assist us with the issues that we have set up for ourselves in this life time
They can help you heal and awaken to your full potential
They can help you find your sense of purpose
HOW DO SPIRIT GUIDES CONNECT WITH US? contacting spirit guide
Meeting Spirit guides can take many forms
Spirit guides come to us when we are most receptive or willing to receive their help
They are gentle and give only the information we are ready for
Spirit guides connect with us in many ways including:
~ Dreams
~ Through thoughts or telepathy also known as clairaudience
~ During meditation or altered states of consciousness
~ Syncronicities
~ Through feelings
You can also ask for your guide to initiate communiaction with you in a particular way so that you will recognise them for example 'give me a tingling sensation if you are there?'
Contact can also be made through a medium using the form of psychic art
When meeting spirit guide it can present itself in the following ways:
You may hear sounds that have no physical source
You may see flashes of light or shadows out of the corner of your eyes but when you turn to look nothing is there
You may get the shivers or goose pimples
You may experience syncronicities
You may say something and wonder where it came from as it did not sound like you
You may feel warm, calm, safe and supported
During the meditation to follow you may be given a symbol or certain sensation that will be the key to recognising your guide
HOW TO CONTACT YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE? meeting spirit guide
Meeting your spirit guide is a form of channeling
Are you asking "Who is my spirit guide?"
In truth you already know your spirit guide so this will be more like a reunion or the first consious connection made here on earth
A common way to contact your spirit guide is though mediation although it can be done through many other ways this will be a good place to start

Contacting Spirit Guide
It would be handy to have paper and a pen perhaps even coloured pencil incase you want to record your expereince
Find a quite place to sit where you will not be disturbed
Light a candle with the intention of being protected as you take this journey
Close your eyes and turn inward
Spend a few minutes quietening your mind by focusing on the breathe
Invite your spirit guide to communicate with you by saying mentally or aloud 'through this meditaion i wish to connect to you please make your pressence known to me'
Notice anything that happens you may recieve a warm senstion or tingling
Visualise a door in your mind
You approach the door and open it
A beautiful garden is revealed
You enter the garden walking a long a path towards a pond
Enjoy the sensations as you are walking
You notice a glowing light next to the ponds edge
You know that your spirit guide has come to greet you as you asked
Approaching closer you may notice the appearance of your guide or not
Your guide extends their arm out to give you something
A gift- A reminder of your encounter
The gift will be unique to you
Perhaps you are shown a flower that you love
Perhaps you smell the flower you love
There are no rules to how you experience this
Every sensation you have is valuable
Spend sometime getting to know your guide or just being in their pressence and return through the garden gate when you are ready
Feel the ground beneath your feet as you return

To develop your relationship further as with all relationships you need to give it constant care and nurturing
Learning to still your mind through meditaion will further aid your ability to communicate
Make the time to ask for guidance this will give them the oppurtunity to assist you
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