Extrasensory Perception Stargate Travel


Extrasensory Perception Stargate Travel Ancient Egyptian Mysteries Explored

Extrasensory Perception Stargate Travel

ESP Stargate Travel

Science Fiction

the fascination with science fiction interpretations of the universe lies in original thought. To expands ones mind to allow the imagination to run riot and explore possibilities of life as it could have developed on other planets, distant stars and far away galaxies is certainly food for thought

It is often said that science fiction writers have to get their inspiration form somewhere, and that hidden in many a sci fi novel a truth scattered through the writings that will trigger those that a ready to hear its message

Stargate SG1
~ it makes for interesting reading exploring the mysteries behind the popular tv series Stargate SG1. To explore the various references to ancient egyptian mysteries , follow the rise and fall of the egyptian gods and their counterparts as well as exploring the possibilities of life in different starsystems

To allow the mind to "experience" virtual stargate travel, loose itself in what it could be like, feed it with the visuals to support channeled information that is reaching more and more humans in this day in age.
Star Gate SG1 Series


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