Witch Craft

Witch Craft

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Witch Craft, a basic Overview of Traditions,Origins,Beliefs,ESP

Witch Craft
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What is WitchCraft?

Witchcraft is a religion of respect and balance between nature an man, the physical and the spiritual world
Witchcraft as religion has existed for thousands of years
there are many different traditions within the religion
Witchcraft is a religion and a way of life.
Witch Crafts Basic Beliefs and Practices

believe in the concept of a God.
God is not something outside of ourselves, but rather something we are part of
"God" is a divine entity that has masculine and feminine aspects as God and Goddess combinations
Witches do not worship, they honor the divine within and around us
" God" Aspects are assigned different names mythological deities (gods or goddesses) to convey a certain part of the whole and enable
honoring of a specific part of the whole, aspects of the divine to give them form, tangible substance
believe in the seen and unseen forces in all nature here on Earth and the greater universe
belief in reincarnation, karma and the laws of accountability
believe in a soul and spirit
leader is called a priest, priestess, age, wizard or shaman
groups of followers are called coven's and clans
many traditions contain different levels of initiation (student, apprentice, teacher, leader, priest, priestess)

Each level usually requires a test or demonstration of knowledge before the title is granted

What Witchcraft is not:

witch craft is not devil worship
witchcraft is a pre-Christian religion and does not believe in the existence of the devil
witchcraft is not about spells and potions and magick, there is a big difference between spellcraft and witchcraft
Not all people on the path of Witchcraft practice spellcraft
Those that do, never cast upon any person without that person's permission
spells are not cast to make someone else do something against their will
Witch Craft Traditions

Wicca, Faery Wicca, Dianic Wicca, Celtic Wicca and many more
solitary path, eclectic study of many traditions
Extrasensory Perceptions in Witch Craft
The Extrasensory Powers of a Witch
Extrasensory perception or ESP for short , is the experience of, or response to, an external event, object, state, or influence without contact through the known senses.

feeling or sensory experience ,is a term meaning extrasensory awareness in a general sense. Clairvoyance is the visual mode. Clairaudience is the auditory mode, etc.

Precognition: Predictionknowledge of future occurences and events, or knowledge of future events that can't be known from present knowledge.

the ability to alter the physical world with the power of the mind alone, the direct influence of mind on matter without use of hands, feet etc or tools.

the ability to read information about a person or place by touching a physical object, also called object reading or the paranormal ability of some sensitives ( including Witches) to obtain facts about the history of people and events through touching or handling an object

Telepathy is the extrasensory perception (ESP) of another person's thoughts or mental state, mind to mind communication

: An induced or spontaneous altered state of consciousness that gives access inhibited areas of the mind and body

Spellwork - See a Witch Craft Spell at work

What is a Spell and what it is not

a focused prayer with a specific intent behind it
A spell is not an easy way out of situations and in our beliefs there are always consequences for casting

All Spellwork uses the power of intention and attention in order to achieve the desired result. Often a combination of sensory and extrasensory methodes are uitlised to give strength to a spell

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